The Green Light...

Maybe you've seen them around town? Maybe you haven't.

As you drive around your town maybe you see some houses with a Green Light on, or maybe you notice a store which has a green light on in the evening? 

This is to symoblize someone who remembers a solider, or someone who has been a solider and wants to show their support for their brothers and sister who are still fighting the fight each and every day to keep our country free.

It's really a small thing if you stop and think about it.

It's just a green light outside of a house or a store that stays on all night.

But what you might not notice is that most of those lights stay on all day.  As a matter of fact they are always on. Kind of like the "Eternal Flame" that burns in Washington DC. to honor the tomb of the unknown solider.

I know that in recent years people signing up for the military has decreased and being a solider isn't a "cool" thing to be or to do anymore in our society, but let's not forget the 2% or less of our men and women who serve in our Armed Forces who get up each day to protect and serve our country.

No matter where these men and women are in the world they get up each and every day with objective in mind.

"To Protect the United States of America from all foes both foreign and domestic."

Some will serve their time doing things that most of us can't even comprehend.  Then come home.  Others never get the option of returning to their families. But all of them made a decision to fight to protect us all.

So next time your out and about and you see a "Green Light" on a house or a store, know this house or this store knows what a great country we live in and what it takes each and every day to protect the rights that you and I share and that others of us just take for granted.

No matter what service you served in, no matter where you served around the world, if you've worn a uniform you know the price of freedom and you know that freedom isn't free.

So on this Memorial Day as we honor all of our fallen soliders let's also honor all of the soliders who continue the fight for us each and every day.  

Let's never forget the 2% of the people who are willing to serve, honor, and protect our country so the other 98% can sleep peacefully at night.

As for my house we will always have the green light on in support of our soliders, and we hope that if you don't already have a Green Light on that you will join us.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!

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