To Wear A Watch or To Not To Wear A Watch (That Is The Question..)

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We recently did a post on about this question.

Are you perceived more powerful if you wear a watch? Or if you don't wear a watch?

Here is a quick look at the poll we conducted on our Twitter page:

So as you can see from the poll results it appears that our community unanimously agrees that you are more powerful if you wear a watch.

We've done some additional research on this topic and here are some other reasons that have been stated as to why you should wear a watch and what wearing a watch says about you.

You like to Scuba Dive.
You need a timer.
You need a tachymeter.
You need to track lunar cycles.
You need to gauge speed.
You needed a timeless heirloom.
You love the history and story behind an old watch.
You travel a lot and need multiple time zones.
Watches can be used to tell you a sense of style.
Watches can be used as a definitive man's style statement.
Some see watches as a symbol of success.

But none of this really answers our question does wearing a watch make you seem more powerful or not?

The correct answer is that in the circles of the power elite the person who doesn't wear a watch is perceived as being more powerful than the people who do wear a watch.

To sum it all up we don't need to look much further than Mark Cuban who once made this statement about wearing a watch:

"When you control time, you don't need to know what time it is."
Thanks to everyone who took part in our poll and to the people out there who sent in this question.

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