Why Are Power Dynamics So Important?

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In the spirit of our study of "Power Dynamics" for 2018, we are going to be reading and sharing the things we learn from the following books.

Gene Simmons on Power (by Gene Simmons):

You deserve to have power.
It is yours for the taking.
Gene Simmons is her to unlock the doors to the temple.

He Who Has The Gold Makes the Rules.

The Secret Handshake (by Kathleen Kelly Reardon PhD.):

This book is like a crash course in business psychology 101.

How To Get Anyone To Do Anything (by R. Phillip Hanes):

This is such an infectious book!!  It made me want to rush straight out and get someone to do something at once.

Power (by Jeffrey Pfeffer):

Jeff did an immense service to the work with this work, blending academic rigor and practical genius into a wonderfully readable text.

Executive Warfare (by David F. D'Alessandro):

When it comes to straight talk about what it really takes to thrive in business, no one does it better today than David.

48 Laws Of Power (by Robert Greene):

For those who want power, watch power, or want to arm themselves against power. This is the book for you.

We hope that the information we learn and pass on to you this year will be helpful to you as you learn to navigate better in the area of Power Dynamics.

Remember as always that these lessons can help you not only in your career but also in life and in your other relationships. 

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