Are Good People Powerful?

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Read this quote this last week and it got me thinking...

"In the real world, Power matters. A good person without power won't accomplish much, no matter his intentions or his virtue. Power moves mountains when mountains need to be moved." - Gene Simmons (The case for Power)

So many people want to tell you that power doesn't matter.

That if you're a good person and have good intentions and good pure virtues that, that is all that matters in life.

But, if we look at what Gene is saying here in that statement do you believe that to be true?

Some would say that people who say power doesn't matter, or that all you need are good intentions, and pure virtues probably have never had any power, to begin with.

Let us look closely at what Gene said here and see if we can find a move deeper meaning then just hearing the word power and blowing this statement off as something negative.

He starts by saying "In the real world, Power matters." 

How many of us live in the real world? Yes, all of us do to some extent, and Yes deep down we all know that power does matter in life.

So his first statement is true.

The next statement he makes is "A good person without power won't accomplish much, no matter his intentions or his virtue."

How many of us consider ourselves to be good people?  Go ahead raise your hand if you identify yourself as being a good person.  I think you might be surprised how many people didn't raise their hand.

But be that what it may for the ones who did raise their hands how much Power do you personally feel you hold?

I'm sure most of them if they were really being honest, would say they feel they control maybe 25% of the things they feel are important in their life.

That means that they feel 75% of things in their lives are outside of their control.  Which means more times then not they feel as if they are being acted upon instead of in charge of their life.

Why do you think this is?

Why do you think that these good people feel this way?

Do you think that being "good" parlays itself into being powerful? Or getting things done in life for that matter?

The answer is probably "No" to both of those questions.

I would even go so far as to say that most people when they think of "Good People" the thought of them being powerful people as well doesn't even come to their minds.

The final thing that Gene says in that quote is "Power moves mountains when mountains need to be moved."

So we can see from that statement that by a person having the power they are able to take action to get things done.

Power in this sense is being used to make something happen.

As we will see in further studies Power is often a tool used by people to push things forward or to drive things in a direction that someone wants it to go.

So can Power be used by good people to move things forward in life?  

We sure hope that good people are using their Power to do good things, but I think we have established with this quote that just because someone is considered "good" doesn't necessarily mean they have any power to effect change in the real world.

So what kind of people in the real world do you think have Power? and how do you think those people are using their Power to effect change in the world today?

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