Do You Have Greatness Inside Of You?

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One of the concepts we covered this week was this:

"People who do great good and people who do great evil have one crucial thing in common: Greatness." - Gene Simmons

What does this statement mean to you?

To us, as we pondered it and discussed it amongst the team the general consensus was that Power and Greatness are neither good or bad, it depends on the person or thing that wields them.

How many times have you heard in life that too much of any one thing is probably bad for us?

Or that too much of any one thing will corrupt us. 

The quote goes on to say:

"But the simple fact exists that power is out there for the taking. Why not grab it for the good guys? What keeps the human race evolving so that it can develop ideas like compassion, art, humility, and political correctness? As Nietzsche put it, the main driving force in human society is the "will to power."

Seizing power works.

Being afraid of power, shunning power, stunts your growth.

What gets the job done?

Strength does.

Power does." - Gene Simmons

Gene makes some good points in this statement.

He states that it's a simple fact that power is out there for the taking. If this is true then why do we feel so powerless as a society and people today? Or is power out there for the taking only by a select group of people?

He makes another good point about Power if it's there for the taking, then why aren't more good people taking it?  This could be because of the connotation that power is bad and that only bad people "use" power. But does that have to be the case?

What do you think about his comment about Nietzsche's "will to power"?

Do you think that a "will to power" is truly the main driving source in society today?

We're sure there are many different opinions on that question but if it isn't Power and peoples quest to get it drives the world then what is it?  Could it be sex? Money? Legacy? what do you think it is if it isn't power?

We tend to agree with Gene that power is the driving force. We believe there can be many forms of power and that by probably labeling an overarching "power" in his statement some might be inclined to disagree with Gene. But that doesn't mean Gene is wrong. 

If you recognize that power can be held in many different fashions with many different end results being obtained, then it could lend to the comment that Gene made that power is the main driving force in human society today.

When Gene states that "Seizing power works and that being afraid of power, shunning power, stunts your growth." what do you think that means?

When we discussed these two lines our thoughts where that according to Gene if power is there for the taking then why wouldn't you seize the power that you could?  Wouldn't it make sense that people would naturally seize the power that they could? It makes sense to us.

It also makes sense to us that if seizing power works and it should be done then if you choose to be afraid fo power, or shun power that it could not only stunt your growth as a person but it could also stunt your progress as a person.

What a thought that is if you really stop and think about it.  Think about all of the people you know who think power is bad and they refuse to obtain power because they think it's bad or evil to do so.

Do you think those people are scared? or that maybe their life is stuck in a holding pattern or has come to a complete stop because they refuse to seize the power that is rightfully theirs?

What an interesting thought that is. Maybe you should ponder that last statement for a little bit and figure out inside of your yourself how you want to start looking at power going forward.

Last but not least Gene's final point in this statement is:  "What gets the job done? Strength does. Power does."

If you want to achieve anything in this life what are you going to need to make it happen?  What are you going to have to do to Take Action in your life to make changes and to be able to achieve your goals?

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  • You are going to need the strength to stand on your own. 
  • To be mentally strong to be able to stay the course no matter what you're told by other people.
  • To calm the inner voice when it's screaming at you.
  • The strength to be physically fit to work as hard as you can for as long as you can.
  • The strength to be emotionally strong so that you don't worry about what others think of you. Nothing kills more dreams or goals then what others think of you and then you believe what they tell you is true.

Remember always that our bodies can take almost any kind of punishment, pleasure, stress, or abuse, but it is our mind that will usually quit before our body gives out.

Never doubt the power of your mind and what it can and can't do in your life. The thoughts you think will shape your life. Period. Don't ever doubt that.

So those are our thoughts on this statement that was made by Gene.

But before we let you go we have some questions for you as well about this statement.  We hope you'll comment below with your answers.

So do feel that power is there for the taking?

Do you feel that if you don't seize power and use it that you will eventually not progress anymore in life?

Do you believe that Power gets the job done?

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