Must Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure With Friends And Power.

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One of the sections in Gene Simmon's book on Power is titled "Get Better Friends".

In this section, he makes some very valid and to the point statements about the friends we choose and the power you seek in your life.

We're going to use this post today to share some of those points with you and what our thoughts are on Gene's statements.

"You must decide here and now if your goal is to maintain the friendships you already have or if your goal is to seize power."

This is a great opening statement when it comes to your friends and power.

You need to decide up front if your goal is to maintain the same old friendships you've always had in your life, or if you are working on achieving power.

You can't have them both at the same time.

While you still may be able to keep some of your old friends throughout your quest for power.  They have to be second to achieving power or you will never achieve the power you want or could have had in life.

That is brutal and cuts to the core but it's a basic truth you need to come to terms with if you plan to seek more power in your life.

You have to be of the mindset when you are seeking power that you are going to have to make new friends and those friends are going to help take you to new levels of power.

"You have a single life, a single body, and a single legacy to consider, and you must do with it what you must to make your dreams come true."

You have but one life.  If you want to have power in this life then you have to realize the time is now. If you want power you have to go and get it.  It's not coming to you or going to be handed to you, you need to go get it.

"Sometimes that means saying goodbye to people who cannot help you."

As hard as it is and as hard as you may not want to do it, if you want the power you're seeking in this life there may come a time when you have to say goodbye to someone in order to make room for someone else who can help you grow and level up to meet your power goals.

This is a fact you need to accept right now. This is a hard truth.

The quest for power is not easy and it is not for the weak. 

"Your friends should be a snapshot of who you want to become in the coming months and years. The herd in which you travel converges on shared values, and if you run with the herd that values power and success, you are more likely to become powerful and successful."

We've heard so much over the past couple of years about you are the combination of the five people you spend the most time with.

It's better to think of that statement like this, you are the combination of the five mindsets you spend the most time with.

(Our founder recently wrote a post about this very topic on Medium.  If you'd like to see his thoughts on this topic please click here.)

The way a person thinks and acts are so much more important then what a person might look like on the outside.

We realize there are a time and place where what you look like is important, but when you are building up your power we think mindset generally is more important than the way someone looks.

"If you run with a herd that values relaxation, pleasantries, going to the bar and having a beer, lying around and watching sports, guess what? That's all you are likely to achieve."

Again this is demonstrating Gene's point.

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How many people do you know if your life currently who are doing these very things?

Do you see them as powerful people?

Do you think these are the people who can help you achieve higher power in your life?

We'd be willing to bet your answer is probably "No" to all of those questions.

So if your answer is "No" then why are you still hanging around them and hoping to take your life to a higher power level?

These facts in the post today have been very brutal and to the point about your friends.

It's not an easy topic to cover and not an easy one for you to ponder especially when it's about your friends.

With that being said that doesn't mean that what we've talked about today isn't true and valid.

If you want to seek power in your life then you need to seriously consider what we've said here today and if this is something you seriously want to do.

Remember seeking and achieving power is not easy to do and it's not for the weak to do. 

If anyone could do it then everyone would have power, and we all know that not the truth or even remotely correct.

So ponder wisely what you want to seek in this life.

Remember we only have one life to live my friends.

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