The World Really Doesn't Care About You.

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Life is not kind or fair.

And it won’t ever be kind or fair.

These are just some truths you need to accept right now.

As Gene says in the book:

“The way you view the world will directly inform how you behave in it, how you react to hardship and
success is your ability to harness power.”

There is a saying that says: “All men are created equal”, but Gene wants to modify that saying to say “All men are created equally unequal”.

Which means that none of us are exactly like anyone else in this world.

Everyone has things they’re strong in and things they’re weak in.

That in and of itself doesn’t make us either good or bad it is just a truth.

So why is that truth so hard for us to accept?

Because in this society no one wants to stand out. 

They all want to be a part of something or they want
to be on the in-crowd with the popular people.

What they don’t understand is that being like everyone else and blending in is not the answer.

Being yourself and standing for your own rules and codes is what should matter to you.

Anyone can blend in, anyone can become part of the crowd. It takes a special person to stand out from
the crowd and go their own way.

Is going your own way easy? No.

Is standing out an easy thing to do? No.

Is living by your own rules and code easy to do? No.

But you’re never going to go anywhere in life or achieve the power you want in life if you’re just part of the crowd.

None of us are created equal in this life because we are all supposed to find our talents and strengths
and use those to stand out.

You should be a light to others in the darkest of rooms.

Power can never be achieved without Taking Action. 

Remember that always.

So what are you going to do today to stand out of the crowd?

What are you going to do today to take the power that you deserve?

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