Always Keep Moving Forward

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One of the many things that Gene talks about in his book he talks about the value of always keep

To many people, this usually means that once you achieve one goal, then you should immediately start
looking for your next goal.

But in this case, I think it means something a little different.

The reason I think it means something different in this case is because Gene's outlook on Power is that
you should have a huge power goal in life. 

One so big that you might not achieve it in your lifetime, but the secret is to always be moving towards that goal and gaining power as you move forward.

Drawing power from everything along your path as you work towards achieving that life goal.

Every new person you meet, every new obstacle you overcome, every new experience you have, every
new opportunity you have to pivot, every new chance you have in life keeps moving forward.

There is a lot of power in someone who refuses to quit.

What does a person who won't quit not achieve in life?

Taking Action each and every day towards your life goals is one of the single best things you can
possible do each and every day for yourself.

If you're not taking action in life then what are you really doing?

Why are you here if it isn't to take action towards the things you want in life?

Don't ever stop Taking Action.

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It's like the old saying goes:

"Action always prove why words mean nothing."

Don't tell me you're going to do something.

Go out and show me what you have already done.

Let your Actions always speak louder than any words you might tell someone.

"Actions are seldom mistaken or misunderstood, but words are often times mistaken and usually
misunderstood." - Chris Schenk

So go and take action and leave the talking to the people who are standing on the side of the road
watching you achieve your goals in life.

It's easy to watch and talk, but it's hard to be quiet and make things happen regardless of what others
might be telling you.

Really, my friends, it comes down to this:

You can either sit and talk about something, or you can go Take Action and make something happen.

The choice is always yours.

What will you choose to do today?

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