What Is Your Political Style?

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Today we are going to talk about (4) different political styles.

These styles are also listed in the book that we are reviewing right now, that book is "The Secret Handshake".

Lets first list the styles, then we will give you a brief description of each style. 

The focus of this post today is to help you know what's out there and where do you fall in.

The (4) styles are:

  • The Purist
  • The Team Player
  • The Street Fighter
  • The Maneuverer

Are you familiar with these (4) styles?

We personally had never heard of any of these styles before we read this book.

What we did think though was that these styles listed here no matter what their names are, cover a good spectrum of political styles.

So let's not wait any longer let's get right into it.

The Purist:

The Purist believes in getting ahead through hard work.  He or she declines to participate in politics, relying largely on the sanctioned rules to get things done.

The Team Player:

The Team Player believes that you get ahead by working well with others and participating primarily in politics that advance the goals of the group.

The Street Fighter:

The Street Fighter is an individualist who believes that the best way to get ahead is through the use of rough tactics.  He or she is not at all inhibited in the use of politics.

The Maneuverer:

The Maneuverer is an individualist, one who believes in getting ahead by playing political games in a skillful, unobtrusive manner. He or she is not at all inhibited about using politics to advance personal objectives and favored team objectives but prefers to do so in a deniable way.

So now that we know what the styles are let's see what political environments they work best in.

There are basically (4) political environments:

  • Minimal
  • Moderate
  • High
  • Pathological

This is where the various styles fall in according to the political environments you may be in.

Style Political Environment

Minimal Moderate High Pathological
Purist Best Fit Possible Unlikely Highly Unlikely
Team Player Likely Best Fit Unlikely Highly Unlikely
Street Fighter Highly Unlikely Likely Best Fit Possible
Maneuverer Highly Unlikely Possible Best Fit Likely

If you've ever wondered what your political style is or in which political environments you would probably operate the best in then we hope this post has been helpful to you and gives you some insight into where you stand in your own political pursuit.

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