Stop Apologizing So Much

Why are you always "Apologizing"?

I read a great article on by Aimee Lutkin yesterday about this very topic, and it got me thinking...

Why are we always apologizing?

  • We've become a society where we think that someone always has to be sorry. So why shouldn't it be us?
  • It makes other people feel good about themselves if we take the blame.
  • Some people do it because they think its selfless and they are keeping the peace by saying it.

Why do we feel like we are doing something wrong all of the time?

  • In the current culture, we live in with all of the P.C. and shaming that goes on we automatically feel if someone says they were offended they must be right and someone needs to be blamed for making them feel that way.
  • We've been so programmed to be worried about everyone else's feelings that naturally it is us who have done something wrong... Right?

What do we gain by apologizing for things we don't do?

  • We aren't keeping the peace.
  • We aren't being selfless.
  • We aren't showing the other person grace or making their life easier.
  • We don't need to be martyrs.

To be completely honest with you what do we gain for always apologizing or apologizing for things we didn't actually do?

Nothing... Absolutely Nothing.

So Stop It!!

Quit being sorry for things you didn't do. 

Quit taking the blame for things you didn't do. 

Quit being an emotional rag for everyone.

Believe me, my friends being a martyr doesn't look good on you (or anyone) for that matter.

*If you'd like to read the article as well here is a link to it: 

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