How Staying In Bed Could Change Your Life

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What do you do when the alarm goes off in the morning?
  • Do you lay in bed and push the snooze button?
  • Do you lay in bed and talk to yourself and say I should really get up?
  • Do you lay in bed and wish you didn’t have responsibilities?
  • Do you lay in bed and tell yourself just 10 more minutes?
  • Do you lay in bed and think man my life sucks I should just stay asleep and everything will be okay?
  • Do you lay in bed and wish someone was laying next to you?
  • Do you lay in bed and wish someone was bringing you coffee and the paper?
  • Do you lay in bed and think why should I even get up today, what’s the point?
If you answered “Yes” to any of these or to any of the other thousand that might be floating around in that brain of yours then you need to watch this video.

So the next time you want to push the snooze button (and let’s be honest that will be tomorrow morning for 99% of you) remember this video.

Or just pick up your phone in the dark and play this video to yourself while you are laying there trying to make some excuses as to why you shouldn’t get up.

We can either lay in bed and let the world pass us by, or you can put your feet on the ground and stand up and greet the day like the 1% ers do.

Stand up and DOMINATE!!

Don’t quit on yourself or let yourself down.


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You could always stay lying down in the fetal position and push the snooze button.

The choice is yours.

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