Right, Wrong, Or Is It Just Your Opinion?

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I read a post the other day by Darius Foroux a writer on Medium and he brought up a really great point.

Just for reference to the post I read:

“Everything that’s presented as a fact in life is, in reality, an opinion."


“There are no facts, only interpretations.”

He also goes on to say that there isn’t really any right or wrong in your interactions with other people there is only the way you interpret the interaction.

That took me a little bit to process and ponder…

What a very true statement.

Think about how many things in life would change if you knew your interactions with others weren’t a right or wrong struggle.

It was only how you and they interpreted the interaction.

One person might see the interaction as the best thing that has ever happened in their life. The other person might see it as the worst thing that has ever happened to them in their life.

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But neither is particularly right or wrong. It is all in how you or they interpreted it.

How many times have you found yourself in life-fighting with someone over something that you just knew that you were “right” and they just were wrong?

If you're honest with yourself it’s probably a lot more often and common then you like to admit to yourself.

Another interesting point that Darius made about having an opinion was:

“ Take ownership of your words. If you’re wrong, admit it with confidence.”

I thought this was a very important point about having your own opinion.

If you’re going to voice your opinion on something then take ownership of your words and stand by your opinion.

Think about that for a minute…

If there is no right or wrong and there is only your opinion then you better choose your word wisely when you speak to others.

You should also be prepared to defend your opinion if you put it out into the world.

By also being prepared to defend your opinion then that would mean that you need to have thought about your opinion and make sure that it is truly how you feel.

You can’t defend something you don’t believe in.

You can try, but we all know your defense will be weak at best and probably won't stand up to someone who truly believes in their opinion.

Darius also leaves you a way out with your opinion when he states:

“If you’re wrong, admit it with confidence. And be respectful.”

I like how he added “And be respectful.” at the end of his statement.

I think it’s always fine to disagree with someone or their opinion as long as you do it respectfully.

You can always tell the mindset of a person by the way they disagree with an opposing opinion or an opposing personality.

One thing I’d like to add to what Darius had to say in his post is this:

“If you’re not willing to defend your opinion, then don’t say anything at all.”

In this day and age, we have some much talk (just words) going around.

We have various word battles to deal with today:

  • Fake News
  • Gossip
  • Misinformation
  • Misdirection
  • etc…

We are constantly inundated with so much information and so many people just putting words and opinions out into the world today that they aren’t willing to back up.

Can you imagine what our media, news, and other word sources would be like if there were only opinions in the world that people were willing to defend?

In closing I’ll leave you with my modified quote from the great post that Darius wrote:

“There is no right or wrong there is only your opinion. If you give your opinion on something then OWN IT. If you don’t own your opinion then be quiet.”

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