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Recently I had two conversations.

One was with Elizabeth Y. Hanson.

One was with another lady I know who is very close to me.

Both of these discussions were about Grammar.
In my conversation with Elizabeth, we both agreed that grammar is important and that there are certain rules that go along with grammar.

In my other conversation, it was more about grammar and how if you don’t follow the rules of grammar it could have some very negative connotations about you as a person.

So this got me to thinking…

First, let me start by saying this If you are “Grammar Nazi” you might as well go ahead and unfollow me now.

If that is you, then this post was pretty short for you to read.

For anyone who chooses to stay this is what I think about grammar and writing as a whole.

  • I write for three main reasons:
  • I want my reader to feel something.
  • I want my reader to hear and experience a story.
  • I want my reader to stop and ponder (or think) about something.

That’s it…

If I achieve one of those three things then I think I’ve made a successful post.

I’m not about the views, the page hits, or going viral.

I’m about those three very simple things with my writing.

Also, let me be very clear to you.

“I have never written a grammatically perfect story, post, message, email, etc.. in my life.”

I understand what grammar is, I understand why grammar is important, I even understand when to use grammar, but it’s not the most important thing to me about my writing.

Often the conversations about grammar with me goes like this:

Person: You know you forgot to put a comma after this.

Me: Oh, Okay.

Person: And you should probably shorten this sentence right here I think it is a run on sentence.

Me: Okay.

Person: And you should probably put a period here and make this two sentences.

Me: Okay.

Person: And I don’t know if you should use an adjective right here you might want to change it to a different word.

Me: Okay, is there anything else you noticed?

Person: Well I’m still looking through the post.

Me: Can you answer me one question?

Person: What is it?

Me: Did you get the point of the post?

Person: Yeah, but…

Me: Thank You. (smile)

Does grammar have to be right for me to meet the three reasons I listed above? No.

I’m not sure why people can’t read to get the meat of what you’re writing about?

Writing isn’t for the weak or the faint at heart.

Just because they can’t push the “publish” button on their own writing doesn’t mean that they are given some badge of authority to pick other peoples, work apart.

There is an old saying that applies here, it goes something like this:

“He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” — John 8:7

or in the infamous words of Lil Wayne:

“Just hope you’re heaven-sent, and you’re hell-proof.” — Lil Wayne

I’m a human being.

I’m not perfect, and I never will be.

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