What Can You Learn From Your Crazy Friend?

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That’s right, you know the one I’m talking about.

It’s that one friend who doesn’t seem to have any boundaries. That one friend who is annoying and you are often ashamed to be seen in public with.

Yep that’s the one I want to talk about today.

Right now you might be asking yourself why would I want to learn anything from them? After all they are CRAZY, and I don’t want to be crazy.

But stick with me for a few minutes and lets see if maybe I can’t change your mind about some interesting things you might be able to learn from them.

First lets start with a scenario to set the stage.

You’ve worked a long hard week at your job, it’s Friday night and you just want to go have some fun doing anything.

So you pick up the phone and who is the first person you call? Your mom? No. Your brother or sister? No. Your Pastor? No. You call your crazy friend.

You tell them your dilemma and that you just want to go have some fun, any ideas you ask.

Your crazy friend says no problem I’ll come pick you up and we’ll go have a good time. Great ready because this will be a night you won’t forget.

So you get ready and before you know it your crazy friend is outside in the car laying on the horn yelling from the car for you to come on so you can get the party started.

You hurry finishing whatever it is you are doing (usually this isn’t really that important but it feels like it is important to you at the time.) and you run out to meet your friend at the car.

When you get to the car they yell what took you so long? You laugh and slide in the car next to them.

They have that wild look in their eye as you look at them and they say to you are you ready to have the night of your life…

You’re not sure exactly at this point what that means but you swallow hard and whisper back to them… Yeah, let’s do this. (famous last words.)

With that they put one foot on the brake and with the other foot they lay the gas petal to the floor. The car lurches forward a little and the tires start to squeal and smoke on the road.

Your crazy friend start to yell loud over the sound and says “Yeee Haw Jester’s Dead!!!” (quoting a Top Gun reference from the movie you both saw when you were kids.) takes their foot off of the brake and the car fly’s ahead down your street with you slammed into the seat so far that you swear your body is even with the headrest.

And your off to start what you know will be another crazy adventure.

I’m not going to go into the rest of your night because I’m sure that is better left up to your imagination. (and if I did that this would turn out to be a book or a major motion picture and neither of us have time for that right now.)

But there are some very valuable qualities and lessons we can talk about with even just that small of story. Lets break some of them down quickly.

Who was the first person who came to mind when you wanted to have some fun? Your crazy friend.

Wouldn’t you like to be someone who when someone you know thinks of something or wants to do something you were the first person that came to their mind. Think of how powerful that could be in business.

Who was the person who dropped whatever they were doing to help you have a good time? Your crazy friend.

Doesn’t it always make you feel really good when someone is willing to drop everything they are doing to come and hang out with you or do something you wanted to do. Of course it does, it feels awesome lets not lie about it.

Isn’t it interesting how just spending time with people sometimes can make all the difference in their lives.

Who was the person who came and picked you up even though it was you who wanted to go out? Your crazy friend.

Doesn’t it make you feel special when someone picks you up and takes you out on the town just because you mentioned you wanted to go. Doesn’t that make you feel special? Of course it does. Personalized attention to our needs is amazing, and it doesn’t happen often so when it does we should appreciate it.

Isn’t it amazing customer service when someone is not only willing to come pick you up, but also take you out to do something amazing when all you said was that you wanted to have some fun tonight.

Who got you in the car and squealed the tires and announced to everyone who could see or hear the two of you that you were embarking on a new adventure? That’s right your crazy friend.

Doesn’t it make you feel special when someone isn’t afraid to let other people know how awesome you are and how excited they are to be with you? Of course it feels good to know that your special to someone and that they want to be with you.

Isn’t it amazing in business when you can partner with someone else or another business and you can help them celebrate their wins. When you know because the two of you are partners that this new thing was possible for both of you.

It’s almost like you and your crazy friend heading out for a night on the town. Neither of you know how it’s going to end or what’s going to happen from the time the tires are squealing on the pavement till the sun comes up the next morning, but you both know that it’s going to be an adventure.

See, and you thought there wasn’t anything you could learn from your crazy friend.

I hope that these brief points I tried to make today with this story shows you a couple of things:

  • The value of friends.
  • The value of spending time with other people.
  • The value of living a life full of experiences.
  • The value of being there for other people when they need you.
  • The value of being present in your life.
  • The value of stopping and smelling the flowers every now and then in life.
  • The value of appreciating the life you have and the people who are in it currently.

Last but not least I hope that one or maybe two of the things I just listed above will be something you will choose to focus on in your own personal life in the very near future.

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