Here’s What No One Tells You About Suffering

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“You can achieve anything you want in life as long as you are willing to suffer to get it.”

I read this quote awhile back and its sat in the back of my mind for awhile now.
I often think to myself how true is this quote?

So many times in life we think something we want is going to be easy to get.

Okay, so we might have to work a little bit for it but come on, how hard can it be?

People often wonder why they can’t achieve their goals in life.

Or why it’s taking them so long to get to a goal in life they thought would be so easy to get to.

It’s kind of funny how we think in our minds that it should be one way, or we have all of these logical steps in our minds on how we think we’re going to achieve something.

But the reality of actually achieving something is usually a lot harder and takes more time then we ever “thought” it would.

The beauty of the quote above and the secret to achieving your goals in life is this:

You have to “Take Action” and you have to be willing to “Suffer” in order to get anything you want in life.

In this statement “Suffering” is the action you need to take.

Are you willing to suffer to get what you want in life?

Here’s some things to think about the next time you start thinking about anything you want to achieve in life.

  • Are you willing to work on this goal after you’ve already worked a full day at your normal job?
  • Are you willing to not go out to the clubs and bars?
  • Are you willing to get up early every single day and put in a couple of hours towards your goal before you go to your regular job?
  • Are you willing to not go on vacation?
  • Are you willing to stop having fun with your friends every time they call?
  • Are you willing to go without sleep?
  • Are you willing to go without eating the finer foods in life?
  • Are you willing to give up your video gaming for 3 hours a night?
  • Are you willing to downsize your car, house, job, friends, and family if need be to achieve your goal?
  • Are you willing to give up your most precious commodity in life? Your “Time” to achieve your goal.

If you answered “No” to any of these questions then maybe you should reevaluate exactly how badly you want to achieve this thing your thinking about.

Maybe you should reevaluate if you’re truly willing to suffer to get what you want.

Am I trying to dissuade you from making goals? No.

Am I telling you that you can’t achieve anything in life? No.

Am I telling you that you can’t dream of better things and places? No.

Those things are all okay to do, with the understanding that by doing those things you will never achieve your goals or your dreams.

Unless you are willing to suffer (taking action) and put it all on the line (taking action) for what you want in life everything else will always and forever only be a dream.

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It won’t ever be your reality.

So the next time you decide to do something…

Take a moment and think to yourself.

How much am I willing to suffer to make this real?

Only you can decide if your willing to suffer enough to make something a reality, but if at any time you don’t want to suffer anymore then don’t blame anyone else for “You” not being able to reach your goals or your dreams.

Because you my friend decided it wasn’t worth it.

Remember that: “You” decided it wasn’t worth it. “You” decided you didn’t want to suffer anymore. There is and will always be and easy way to do something. If that’s what you want in life then you should always have an easy life.


You found your own path, you found the easy path in life, and believe me there will always be more then enough people on that path to keep you company.

Whether “You” achieve your goals and dream in life is purely up to you my friends.

But never forget this simple question…

How much are you willing to Suffer?

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  1. I suffer every day.;suffer to get up. Suffer to get ready and go to a doctors appointment or to go to church weekly. And if I want to do something I have to suffer doing it and then recuperating days after. I know about a different suffering then some and then there’s probably some that know The type of suffering i speak of.

  2. The beautiful thing is that you keep doing things that are important to you even though you know you will have to suffer to do them. You my friend probably understand and have a totally different outlook on life because of your trials and suffering. It's made you who you are today and don't ever be sorry for who you are.