Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Being A Martyr

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Are you a Martyr?

  • Do you try to be a Martyr because that is the way you try to keep peace in hostile situations or around hostile people?
  • Do you try to be a Martyr because that is the way you were raised to deal with problems?
Many of you are probably thinking to yourself there aren’t anymore Martyr’s in the world today.

Didn’t the Martyr’s end with people like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Buddha, etc..

So why is this something I would even take the time to read about?

You might be surprised at how many Martyr’s are still around today and you might be amazed at how many you might actually know.

First, let’s define what a Martyr is:



  • a person who is killed or who suffers greatly for a religion, cause, etc.
  • a person who pretends to suffer or who exaggerates suffering in order to get praise or sympathy
  • a person who suffers greatly from something (such as an illness)

( I always like to be clear about what I’m going to talk about.)

As far as the first definition is concerned I would agree with you that there aren’t really too many of them left in the world today.

As far as the third definition goes I think that goes without saying.

But the one I want to focus on today is the second definition.

I’ve met some people who were raised to be Martyrs. They were taught from a young age that their thoughts and feelings didn’t really matter and there primary purpose in their family or social circle was to suffer so the others could have everything they want and needed at the drop of hat.

I’ve also met some people who choose to suffer in their life so that they don’t have to deal with hostile situations or hostile people. They try to always be the proverbial “Peacemaker” in any situation or with any group of people.

Thus as these people get older in life they tend to take on this Martyr mindset or philosophy of life.

I wouldn’t call these people victims because as they see it they aren’t suffering needlessly there is always a reason for their suffering, and they choose to suffer so others won’t have too.

But the problem becomes when one is a martyr that others will hold them in contempt and despisal for being the way they are.

Some of the main reasons people look at martyr’s this way is:

  • No one likes to think they are making a person suffer.
  • No one likes to think they are that big of a burden that others have to suffer to please them.
  • No one likes to think that others aren’t deserving of some peace in their lives.
  • No one likes to think they are so shallow of a person that they can’t see what others are doing for them.

And let's face it martyr’s just make other people feel bad because there is guilt that is associated with making someone else suffer.

The real question is what is the ROI of being a martyr?

If you stop and look at it from many angles except for the guilt they hope other people will feel when they realize how much the martyr is doing and suffering for them there isn’t any real value.

The key concept that most martyrs miss is in the statement I just made “except for the guilt they hope other people will feel..”

The reality is that the martyr thinks others are going to notice and feel bad about what they are doing.

Let's be honest… 99% of people today are self-absorbed and they rarely if ever realize anything outside of themselves.

As far as feelings go well… If it isn’t making the self-absorbed person feel good then does it even really register on their radar? 

The answer in today’s world is NO.

So here’s the secret my friends.

So what is the point of being a Martyr in today’s world you might ask?

There isn’t one. Period.

There is no reason to even pretend to be a Martyr today.

So go find another way to get your praise and sympathy because being a Martyr is played out.

If you are currently a Martyr today I hope that you will just stop.

Nobody cares about your suffering for them.

If you’re hoping to keep the peace by suffering for people who don’t care or that will ever even notice your suffering then you might as well go bang your head against that wall over there. (pick the closest wall you can find.)

Because you’ll make more of a dent in the wall over time then you will with the self-absorbed people of today.

Plus direct actions and conflict aren’t necessarily all bad are they?

So stop taking peoples crap and go even the playing field back out.

It’s up to you to start training people how you want to be treated and what is acceptable to you.

After all, as Megadeath once said “Peace sells… But who’s buying.”

Stop being a Martyr.

Because no one cares about Martyrs anymore.

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