Things You Don't Know About Having A Balanced Life.

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How many times have you heard people telling you that you need to have more balance:
  • In your life.
  • In your work.
  • In your family.
  • In your relationship.
  • In your meals.
  • Etc…
It seems like all we hear about today is how we need balance in everything we do.

To be completely honest with you I’m sick of hearing about “Balance”.

Having “Balance” in your life is the biggest crock of Shiz I’ve ever heard.

It is not possible to be balanced.

It’s a myth.

It’s an urban legend.

It’s flat out not possible.

It’s a bold face lie.

“You will never have a balanced life. Period.”

So instead of striving for something you can never achieve why don’t you admit this fact to yourself and change your mindset about balance.

To be completely honest with you most people are lucky and fortunate in this life if they have “Awareness” about themselves and their lives.

At least if you are aware of yourself and your daily life you can see when things are getting out of whack and you can make some adjustments.

But understand you will never ever be completely balanced in life.

It is a constant give and take.

You will constantly be tipped one way or the other on the scales of life you will never be balanced.

Strive for awareness.

Strive to be able to be aware enough that when the scales in your life tilt more to one side then the other you have the strength and fortitude to try to adjust it back as close as you can to center.

Being close to the center is the very best you can ever hope for in this life.

“Balance is a Myth, Awareness is the Key.”

I know this isn’t probably what you wanted to hear.

I’m sure you wanted to know the “magic pill” or “do this thing” and you could become finally balanced in life.

But please hear me as I tell you there is no balance in life.

Balance is and will always be a myth.

Don’t spend your time or efforts on something that you can’t control.

Instead use your time and efforts to become more aware. To be able to notice when your life is getting off track so you can quickly make a small adjustment to bring your life as close back to center as possible.

Awareness is the Key my friends.

Without awareness you’ll never see yourself becoming unbalanced.

So you need to become more aware.


Just in case you didn’t get the point of this post yet here you go.

You will never be “balanced” !!

So don’t look for balance, because seeking balance is one of the biggest wastes of your time. It’s pointless and you will never achieve it.

Consider yourselves warned my friends.

Don’t start down the dangerous and addictive path of seeking balance in your life. 

Just say “NO” my friends!!


  1. Thank you for your perspective. Very interesting.

    1. You're Welcome!! I hope maybe this gave you another way of looking at things.