The Two Biggest Things I Learned On My Journey With The Daily Stoic

Three years ago Ryan Holiday made a book called “The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living”.

Each day for a year Ryan shared a Stoic quote and his thoughts on what that quote meant to him.
I’m a fan of Ryan and his writing so I had gone ahead and pre-ordered my copy of the book.

When the book showed up on my kindle I held off reading it till mid-December 2016.

I had read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius prior to getting this book so I knew what Stoicism was and what it was basically about.

I decided with Ryan’s new book I was going to make this a personal journey over the next 365 days to learn more about Stoicism and who I am inside.

So on top of reading the daily passages from The Daily Stoic, I also went ahead and created a Youtube video each day describing what my thoughts were as I read the quote in the morning and ponder it throughout my day.

Here’s a link to my YouTube page just in case you are interested in checking out any of the videos.

I know you’re thinking right now who cares, what are you going to teach me today?

Don’t waste my time Chris give me some benefit for reading this post.

Alright, Alright…

I was just trying to give you a little background so you wouldn’t think this is out of left field somewhere.

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Here are the two major things I learned about Stoicism from reading Ryan’s book and by making my own personal journey every day for a year.

There are only two things you can control in this life:

  1. Your Mind.
  2. Your Perception.

That’s it.

Over said and done.

Thanks for reading this post I really appreciate it….

Only kidding.

You're probably thinking to yourself right now “What the heck is Chris’s problem? What a waste of his time. He only got two simple things out of a year's worth of reading a book?”

Those two things have dramatically changed the way I look at things now.

I’ve always heard of the power of your mind, but it didn’t hit home until I read this book. The mind is so powerful that it can take your thoughts and turn them into something you can hold in your hand. It can take the farthest-reaching dreams and turn them into a reality.

I’ll go so far as to say if you control your mind and your thoughts you control your life. Period.

And part of controlling your mind is how you perceive situations and events as they are presented to you.

Two people can go through the same exact experience and one will be destroyed by it and the other will be uplifted by it.

Do you know why that is?

It’s all in how you choose to look at it.

Do you see the power in how you perceive things?

Perception can make you a person who is living under a roadway bridge every night or the person who gets out of his Lamborghini in front of a 50 million dollar mansion.

I don’t want to ruin too much of this book for you so I won't go much further in this post, but in my opinion, it is definitely worth your time to read and study this book.

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Is this book for everyone? No.

Will it take everyone a year to read it? No.

Will this book change your mindset? It depends on what you want out of your life.

Will this book change the way you look at the world around you? It depends on what you’re seeking.

Remember my friends every journey in life begins with the first step.

Are you willing to take the first step to make yourself better?

Only you can make that decision for yourself.

If you’ve already read this book or are reading this book let me know what you think about it in a comment to this post.

I’d love to talk to you about it.

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