Are You A Quitter? (If So, This Post Isn't For You.)

I’ve chosen to write a different kind of post today.

This isn’t going to be your usual kind of post but I hope you will welcome the change and engage with the post none the less.

In the post today I’m hoping to teach you three (3) very different and distinct things.

These things you might have heard of before but there is a chance maybe you haven’t heard of them.

Are you willing to go along with me?
Even if this might be a little strange or different then what you’re used to?

Here’s what we're going to do.

I’m going to list out the three things I want you to take away from this post today below and I want you to leave me a comment when you're done figuring out what those three things are.

I’m going to write the rest of the post in a code.

Once you’ve cracked the code and found out what the three things are please listed them below in the comments and tell me what your thoughts are about this post.

Here we go…

Et pugnus volo aliquid dicere ad vos de guys est hodie iudicio pergentis.

Post plures intuentium et nunc constituimus ut proficiscantur.

Et post hunc iudicavit indignum eo iam tempore factus durus labor aliquantulum possent viderit post haec ita fieri.

Deinde quod usque hodie plurimi spectare mihi ut non opus sit cum aliquid mihi

Ubi enim nostra relaxaret, et opus ethica facultatem ad operari aliquid per viam?

Si nolueritis ponere proinde tum ad vitae nunc humi iacere quis te interroget in positione foetus Numquam nisi alicubi ire vultis facere.

Secundum est hodie volui dicere ad vos de guys est ad cuius dispensationem questae.

Ita, potes facere. Etiam, vos can instar is sicco.

Ego vere credere quod tu potes facere posuit focus in quod etiam mens tua.
Tua mens tua est maximum telum est optimum tool in vestri vita.

Etiam si post centum annos non tamen plene intelligere, mentibus nostris plenam potentiale.

Sic quam operor vos volo ut haec responsa mali?

Et tune es promptus ut focus intueri res bonas facite vias vestras ut responsa ad vos volo in vita?

Quid tibi discis quod nunc vere est non difficile.

Omnes vos vere have ut interficiam quid sit illud quod crustulum is in Google Translate et WA la vos can animadverto quis Im ‘sermo super.

Quam difficile, qui erat autem … gravissime?

Volui tertium aliquid loqui tibi hodie ut sit technology iuvo vos can utor vestri vita ut ipsum facile.

Noluit hoc dicere velis manu
Si id facile factu gratulor.

Sed pulchritudo ex technology quod si cogitatur extra arca archa pauco cum vidit quod post, et in corde tuo nihil habet esse ex usu technology ut haec facilius mihi ut faciam et translating hoc ultimum dimidium post verisimile esset pulchellus simplex tibi.

Et hoc Quousque te ut huius notitia? X minuta vel maybe minus.
Quod pulchritudo est a technology.

Ut animas nostras adhibentur cerebro potest facilius.

Post hanc partem transferre si tu modo quando ipsa forsitan et disceret tulit circa horam Latine.

Quam terribilis est, technology, et progressiones non sum inveni idolum mihi in technology in novissimo XXX ad XL annis.

Vere mirabilis est, et sunt, qui forcasting ut progredi non tantum in technology annis meliorem, sed erant ‘iens ut eam etiam citius calefacit.

Infinita occasiones adveniens non possumus facere velit vitae quam tellus.

Quid potuit tibi hodie utitur technology facilius ut animam tuam, et simpler?

Im ‘certus si cogitatur de eo, et sedit in paucis minutes ascendit cum tu probabiliter sunt multos, quia tu technology utitur ad melius est enim vita tua.

So let's do a quick recap of the three things we talked about today.

  1. Determinatio et Focus — Si vis aliquid in vita et in vobis erit focused determinari ad quod voles. Tempus. Est non hoc modo circa. Hoc ergo discendum principle: suscipe eam, et sic in vita protinus effectum deducendi.
  2. Propriis questae — Lets exsisto pia cum inter se, ut etiam sine propriis questae sicut iam quieti. Nihil est in vita posse, si effectum propriis questae sunt, non habent sapientiam assequatur. Non curo quam dolor tu nosti vel quis in vita, si vos non habent in propriis questae numquam in vita id quod voles. Tempus.
  3. Uti ad Auxilium Vestri Technology — Technology est a bonus res. Technology iuvo vos adest. Igitur loco non timebat et circa trying ut reperio mores uti technology, sit tibi. Est enim vita tua, ut fiat paulo quo facilius potest.

So if you’re still here and you’ve made it this far pat yourself on the back.

You’ve done an awesome job!!

EGO sum laetus video vidi habes in proposito focus, propriis questae sunt, et volunt uti technology iuvo te.

You already possess some great skills and I know you will go far in the future my friends.

P.S. — Deanne huic factum est, mi amice.


  1. Hi Chris, thank you for your post. The 3 things I take away from this post are:

    1. Determination and focus
    2. Time and how we use it
    3. The good side of technology

    Now, to add some comments about this post. First of all, copy and pasting into Google translator is not that great when it translates to pigeon English, and discusses good and evil, passing judgement and foetus's WTF.... LOL

    Anyway, moving right along. I found your talk about time and how we use it a bit of an oxymoron considering it took me way longer to read your informative post, translate it, and then translate it again into what I think you were trying to say and not what said you said �� confused yet? I sure AF am LOL

    I'm certainly not a quitter, however, I do value my time, so I will be discerning in how I use it. I took the time to do your exercise today even though it was somewhat frustrating for me because of the extra time it took to decipher etc, but I knew you would have a good message worth decoding so I stayed with YOU!

    And yes, technology is a good thing and can be your friend and has made so many things possible that otherwise would not have been available to us 30 or 40 years ago as you mentioned. However, there is of course a downside to technology, well in fact there are many, but the one I will focus on here, is the fact that we are plugged in 24/7, employers demand more of their employees time for example. There is no leaving work at 5pm and clocking off for the day as say 30 or 40 years ago. There are emails, and text messages to respond to and phone calls, that just keep coming, and the next thing you know, you're back at work. You didn't even get time to read on the train while travelling to work because you were too busy responding to text messages and/or emails or both prior to starting your already busy day at work. And as you can tell, I've only just scratched the surface.

    Thank you so much for your very thought provoking post and exercise in stepping out of the norm.
    As a final note, I believe I've given this post a lot more thought than I normally would because I not only had to translate your post into a language I could understand, I then had to translate what Google were even saying ☺

    Thank you again :)

    1. Thank You for taking the time to do this exercise and for engaging with this post. I knew it would be a challenge and that was the point behind this post. Sometimes it is good for us to step outside of our comfort zone and do hard things. Also it's good to have to work for things from time to time. I know this post will be a turn off for a bunch of people and most people won't even bother with it, but the few that do I think this post has many important lessons to teach the reader. Also my other posts won't be like this one but I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone as well and try something new so I'm glad you enjoyed the post and got the true meanings out of it. Great Job!!