The Small Things…

The other night I was driving to a friends home to have dinner and to spend some time catching up with them when I came across this beautiful sunset that you see in the picture above.

And it got me thinking…

After all of the craziness of my day and the things going on around me, the obligations, the pressures, the responsibilities, and the relentless negativity that seems to be at every corner in our world today.

It was refreshing and inspiring for me to see this sunset.

It helped to remind me that sometimes the smallest gifts in life can mean the most to us.

All we have to do is “choose” to look for those small gifts and then“choose” to slow down long enough to enjoy them.

I know sometimes when we are having a bad day or sometimes it feels like everything is working against us. Maybe those are the times we need to slow down a little bit and look around and see what small gifts are being presented to us.

My small gift this day was a sunset.

Your small gift could be the smile from a child. Or it could be someone who tells you that they like your smile. Or that everyone in your family gets to sit down to eat dinner together tonight.

Whatever it may be for you today I challenge you to seek it out, and to find it, because I know if you do there will be a small gift for you out there today, and every day if “You” choose to find it.

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