Know When To Let Go

Here is the second line...

"Know when to let go and when to hold on tight."

It's been my experience throughout the years that is something that is easy to say, but not necessarily easy to do.

For my breakdown of this, I think I am going to attack this in the reverse order as I think one part of this statement is easier than the other.

"When to hold on tight."

I think there are certain things in life that we should hold on to no matter what.

Things like:
  • A belief that you can change anything in life as long as you realize the change has to be from within.
  • A belief that we need to stand for a higher calling than ourselves.
  • A belief that we all have a purpose in this life.
  • A belief that we all have passions in our lives.
  • A belief that you are supposed to "Live" your life, not just exist and then one day die.
  • A belief that you have to be true to yourself above everything else in life. Hold fast to your inner code whatever that may be.
  • A belief that you will never under any circumstances give up on or quit on yourself.

These are a few examples of a few things that I think every person should hold tight to in their life.

Are these easy things to do? No.

But honestly, do you think life was supposed to be easy?

Do you think that you are here to have an easy life and have everything handed to you and given to you?

Or do you think that maybe you're here because you're supposed to make an impact, you're supposed to leave your mark in this world we live in.

Anyone can just exist and waste this life they have been given.  Is that you?

Is that all you think you can do with this life is just exist?

Because if that's what you think my friends I'm here to tell you that you are WRONG.

You were put here for a purpose.

There is an old quote that goes something like this...

"The two greatest days in your life are... When you are born, and when you figure out what your purpose is."

Think about that...

If you are reading this right now you have already had one of the greatest days in your life.

What are you doing to earn the next greatest day?

"Know when to let go"

I went back and forth on this one in my mind for a long time.

We are often taught in life that if it's something you want bad enough that you should never let go.

But is that truly the answer?

For a long time in my life, I lived by that idea.

I accepted that idea as truth.

But as I've thought about it more over the years and I have lived more in life I've come to this realization.

You need to let things go in life especially in this day and age when they "no longer serve you" or "bring any benefit to your life."

I know some of you right now are thinking to yourself... "That is so selfish, I don't know how you can think that."

I can see why you would think that. 

To those people, I would say this...

Who else in this life can you control but yourself?

The answer to that question is you can't control anyone in life but yourself. 

So instead of always blaming others for your problems why don't you look internally a little bit and work on yourself and quit worrying about everyone else for a change.

Why I say that you should let things go that are no longer serving you or bringing any benefit to your life is for one simple reason.

Why would you care all of that extra baggage around with you each and every day when you don't need to?

When I say baggage I mean mental, emotional, relationships, work, all areas of your life.

People are constantly carrying all of this around with them and it weighs them down. It sucks their will to live right out of them because eventually they just can't and frankly don't want to carry the weigh around anymore.

So what do most people do when that happens?

Most people just shut down. They shut down mentally, emotionally, and physically.

They turn into one of those people I always talk about who are just existing in life.

Their will to actually "Live" their life is gone. They feel there is no point in their life anymore because they just can't get past the weight they have to carry.

Let me let you in on a little secret my friends...

You Choose To Carry That Weight. 

You Choose To Add To That Weight.

But just as you make that choice to do those things, you can also make another choice...

You Can Choose To Let It Go.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you dropped some of the weight you're choosing to carry around with you each day?

What could you do if you dropped even just half of the weight you're currently carrying around?

I think you would be amazed at how much better your life would be if you just made one simple mindset change.

Is it easy? No, but I can tell you it is so very worth the work it will take you to drop that baggage.

Do yourself a favor my friends and work on dropping just one piece of your baggage in the first quarter of this year and see if it doesn't make your life better. 

Leave me a comment and let me know what you want to drop, and then come back when you have dropped it and tell me how you feel.

If I'm wrong you let me know.

I'm betting you will feel so much better and I bet that you will have found a new love for "Living" your life.

Give it a try. I mean seriously my friends what do you have to lose?  Some baggage... That's so much better than losing your will to "Live".

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