Stop Rushing

It's interesting to me that this week the line is about "Stop Rushing".

It seems to be a theme that I've kept bouncing into over the last little while.

I recently did an Instagram post about slowing down.

Ryan Holiday recently published a book called "Stillness Is The Key". Which is a book about slowing down your life and how to use that as a secret weapon to make life better.
(If you're interested in reading the book just click on the title I just mentioned and I'll take you to it on Amazon.)

I also wrote a few posts here on this site not too long ago about slowing down and quieting the chaos inside your mind.

The Small Things...

Chaos and Silence

It's crazy how many of us today are just so wrapped up in our own lives and the things we are doing that we just run as fast as we can through our lives.

I'm not calling anyone out or saying that there is anything wrong with people who are busy and who are working hard to achieve their goals in life.

What I am saying is why do we need to run through our lives?

When I've asked this question to people in the past I have got some of the following comments.

  • Things move and change really fast today. If your not up on the latest trends and what's happening you'll get left behind.
  • If I'm not up with everyone else I will probably lose the game.
  • I don't have time to wait around, life moves fast and I move with it.
  • Since everything is so connected today we don't get breaks like the boomers did.
  • Listen, boomer, you just can't understand our world today.
  • If you're not the winner, then you are the first loser.

and the list could go on and on...

Every time I hear these comments I think about a podcast I heard from Tim Ferriss awhile ago.

It was about things that people on their deathbeds would say...

  • I don't wish I would have worked more.
  • I don't wish that I spent more time away from my family and friends.
  • I don't wish I would have stayed home more.
  • I don't wish I would have traveled less.
  • I don't wish I would of take less action in life.
  • I don't wish I would experience life less.
  • I don't wish I would have watched more TV.

and this list too could go on and on...

But what do you think the point of all these statements really is?

Is it to do more?

Is it to go faster through your life?

Is it to get more material things?

Is it to waste your time?

No, I don't think it is any of these things.

It all comes down to this one little secret my friends.

Slow Down, Stop Rushing and Live Each Moment as if it is the only moment that matters.

Be in the moment that you're in right now.

Cherish everything about this moment.

  • The person your with.
  • The smells.
  • The way you feel.
  • The things you see around you.
  • The things you hear around you.

Because once this moment is gone... It's gone forever and you can't ever get it back.

Don't make a  lifetime of blurry images, racing from one thing to the next, never being satisfied, always wanting more, never being happy, never being loved and faded memories that might or might not be with you in the end.

Make a lifetime of moments.

Because honestly at the end of the day my friends all we really have is this moment right here, right now.

Make this moment right here and now the very best moment you can.

And remember...

Stop Rushing, you'll get to the end soon enough.

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  1. True as true can be. Sabbath is a good thing we were given by God. To relax and be happy with your work or attempts to try as you might.