Stop Apologizing

The line for this week is:

Stop Apologizing All Of The Time.

Boy, this is going to be a tough one, isn't it?

In our current culture today we have been trained and had it beaten into our psyches that we should always be the one to apologize first.

We apologize so much that for most people today it's something they say without even realizing it.

We apologize so much that if we even think we need to apologize we automatically do it.

It's almost like apologizing today is like taking another breath to survive.

We do it so automatically nowadays we don't even have to think about it.

But what are we really apologizing for?

Most of us today are apologizing just because we exist.

We apologize because we feel it's just the right thing to do.

We've been so conditioned in our society today that we just apologize first and ask questions later.

But what is the value of an apology today?

Does it have any value?

When an apology is so freely given and so immediately given does it hold any real value?

My answer to those questions is NO, it doesn't really mean anything today.

It holds no weight.

It has no meaning.

It's basically useless, it's basically a placation tool at best anytime someone even thinks someone is upset or mad at them.

Let's just throw out an apology and that will make this all better.

This will make it all go away.

Problem is... Apologies today are pretty much useless and meaningless.

But how do we change this?

(If you don't like honest and hard answers then I think you should probably stop reading right here and move on to another post. Because what I'm about to say isn't going to be popular or liked by most of the people in society today. Don't say I didn't give you fair warning if you continue to read on.)

How do we change this?

How do we make apologies start to mean something again?

We Stop Apologizing.

Dang, that is a revolutionary idea, did you come up with that one all on your own?

While the thought may not be revolutionary, it is the honest truth.

We Need To Stop Apologizing.

I know some of you sitting back reading this right now and are thinking to yourself...

  • Has this person lost their mind?
  • This is straight-up nonsense!!
  • How am I going to make it through my day without my favorite catchphrase?
  • What am I supposed to do if someone bumps into me on the subway today if I can't apologize?
  • This guy is whack... for me to stop apologizing for everything would be like asking me not to take my next breath of life-giving air that I need to survive.

But here's the secret my friends...

We Need To Stop Apologizing All Of The Time.

I know, I know how can we possibly do that?

Let me tell you the secret...

Just Stop Apologizing For Everything.

Here is what I want you to do to solve this problem, my friends.

The only time you should apologize going forward is if you hurt someone.

Anything less then that is a mistake.

Accept your mistakes.

Own your mistakes.

And say these words...

That was my mistake, I own it, and I'll correct it.

Then correct your mistake and move forward.

We all make mistakes and any human can understand making a mistake.  Own your mistakes, take responsibility for your mistake, correct your mistakes and move on.  It's really that simple people.

If you incorporate these two simple mindsets into your life I can promise you my friends that not only will your apology mean more and carry more weight, but when you actually have to give an apology the person receiving will know it's heartfelt and sincere.

That is what an apology is supposed to be anyway is it not?

Try this out for a couple of weeks and see if it doesn't change your mindset.  See if it doesn't change the way people see and feel about your apology when you legitimately give them one.

I know this will make a difference in your life and a difference in the peoples lives who deserve and need to hear your apology.

But you know what...  Don't take my word for it. Try it and if I'm wrong leave me a comment below and tell me I was wrong.

*Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this post. I hope it brought some value to you. If it did please feel free to share it with your friends, family, and anyone who you think needs to hear this message.

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