Be Old Enough To Appreciate Your Freedom

The line for this week is...

"Be old enough to appreciate your freedom."

When you first read this line what do you think?

What does it bring to your mind?

Does it bring a picture of an old man and woman sitting on a park bench in some small town looking up at a flag pole, remembering days gone by?

Remembering what things used to be like when they were kids? 

Remembering what our country used to be like?

Or, does it remind you of sitting in your first history class learning about whatever country it may be that you call home?

It could mean all of these things...

But what it means to me is this.

Never forget where our "Freedoms" come from.

You don't have to be old or young to understand that the freedoms we have in this country are due to the men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line each and every day to make sure we keep our freedoms.

Those men and women are the same men and women who serve in our military.

These are the men and women who get up every morning and stand guard on our freedoms.

These are the men and women who sometimes have to do unspeakable things to make sure that each of us remains free.

Is being a soldier a glamours job?  No, it's not.

Do soldiers get the credit they deserve for the job they do for our country and for each and every one of us each day?  No, they don't.

But do they still get up each day and fight for our country, for our freedoms, and for each and every one of us?  Yes, they do.

Soldiers do their jobs because they believe in something bigger and more important them themselves.

They believe in our country and in our freedoms that have been fought for and paid with the blood of the soldiers you came before them.

To a soldier terms like "Duty, Honor, and Country" mean something.

They are often an unspoken code that all soldiers live by and are willing to give their lives to protect.

To most of the people who get to live in this great free country, those words are just that... words.

But to soldiers, it's a code.  It's something they live by, and something they are willing to defend against anyone who tries to take our freedoms away.

If you ever wonder to yourself how important the freedoms are that you get to use daily try traveling around the world once and I can guarantee by the time you get back to whatever city you call home you will look at your freedoms in a whole different light.

Freedom isn't Free.

It never has been and it never will be.

Because the cost is steep for freedom my friends and not just anyone has the courage and the discipline to protect those freedoms day in and day out.  It takes special people to protect you and your freedoms. 

Not just anyone can do it.

So the next time you think about your freedoms and the people who afford you those freedoms be grateful and thankful.

And always be old enough to appreciate your freedoms and the people who give you those freedoms.

They don't ask for much in return...

Usually, a "Thank You" or a smile and the tip of your head is enough to let them know you recognize them and appreciate them.

It's the very least we can do for the real "Heros" in our world today.

Last but not least I want to take a second and just say "Thank You" to all of the men and women who are currently serving or have served our country.  

You don't have an easy job, and a lot of the time you might go unnoticed or under-appreciated, but please know you are never forgotten and there are those of us out there even today who stand by you and have your six.

No soldiers left behind.

Do me a favor before you go...

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  1. I believe in freedom and your article reinforced my thoughts and feelings completely.

    1. I'm glad to hear this post brought value to you. :)