Know Who You Are

The line for this week is...

"Finally know who you are."

I think it's interesting that the writer decided to make this the final line.

Why do you think they did that?

I think there are two reasons why they did it this way.

1. Because I think this is a quest everyone is on in their life whether they know it or not or admit it to themselves or not it is our quest as humans.

2. Because the writer knew that in order to know who you are you need to go through things in life, you have to actually "live" life to answer that question.

So let's look a little bit deeper at each one of those reasons and see if they make sense.

The first one is something I think is just part of being human.  It's like it's part of our soul. We are always searching and longing to answer that question "Who are you?".

Some people believe that you will never truly know who you are or what your real purpose is in life.  I guess that's one way you could choose to look at it.

But what is the value in looking at it that way? Would it make your life easier?  Yes, it would. 

Would it make you not responsible for anything you do or don't do in life?  Yes, it would. 

But is that how you really want to be? 

Thinking that your life has no meaning and that you are just existing to try to get through some predetermined amount of time here on this planet?

That is definitely one way of looking at it and it is your choice, but let me offer may be another way to look at it.

What if you're supposed to be on this quest?

What if you were meant to do something with your life?

What if you were meant to do more then just exist?

Can you imagine the things that would open up in your life?  

The things you would be able to do. 

The things you might be able to experience.

It is always a choice my friends on how we choose to look at things and what kind of perception we choose to have on any given situation or experience that comes our way.

Which leads me to the second point I mentioned above.

I believe in order to find out who you are in life you have to be willing to "live" your life.

Is it going to be all roses and diamonds?  No.

Is it always going to be pretty and sparkly?  No.

But will it be worth it in the end?  Yes.

This isn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last time you hear me write about people who just float along through their life and do really nothing. 

They just exist...

They look at life as a prison term, or some kind of ordeal they just need to weather through till one day they die and turn to dust and are blown away with the wind never to be remembered or thought about again.

What a sad and wasted life they had.

Is that what you want?

Do you just want to exist?

Sure that's easy and doesn't really involve any work or even thought.

You just do whatever you're told when you're told and you just comply with anything that comes your way.

Is this how you want to spend your time here?

If it is then you can stop reading at this point because the rest of this isn't for you and truthfully it wouldn't matter to you anyway so please comply and exit now.

For the rest of us...

This gift of life we've been given is supposed to be "Lived".

I say gift because this life can end at any time and none of us know when it's our time to go, so don't wait another minute. 

Start living your life.

Are you going to make mistakes living your life?  Yes.

Are there going to be hard things you're going to have to deal with living your life?  Yes.

Is it going to be hard sometimes to realize that the choices we made maybe didn't turn out the way we thought they would?  Yes.

Is it hard to maybe do things or go a different way than the masses in life in order to live the life you want to live?  Yes.

But you know what...

That's what life and living are all about.

"You will never know who you are in life if you don't "live" a life." - CS

It's really that simple my friends and that's why I think the writer saved that line to the very end because they knew that in order to know who you truly are, you have to live a life.

And the writer's way of helping you do that is all the things they mentioned before.

So as always, my friends, the choice is yours...

Are you going to just exist?

Or, are you going to choose to "Live" a life to find out who you truly are?

Only you can decide that for yourselves, my friends.

But I hope you'll choose the latter.

I also hope you'll join me on this amazing adventure that we together can call "Living Not Just Existing".

Do me a favor before you go...

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