Do You Give Away Your Power?

The line for this week is...

"Stop Giving Your Power Away."

What does this really mean?

I know some of you are probably thinking to yourself "Well that's kind of vague..." that could mean anything.

What I think the person who wrote this was talking about is your personal power.

Even as I type that I know some of you are probably still thinking to yourself... "Yeah, thanks for saying personal power."  What's that supposed to mean?

I find it interesting today when I talk to people how many people feel they don't have any "Personal Power" in their life.

So many people today just exist and I know I have said that before and I'm saying it again because it is so true in today's society.

So many people just get up and grind out a day at a job, in traffic, eat, watch T.V., maybe get a little sleep, and then start it all over again the next day.

What a drudgery and torturous life that can be.

What is it they look forward to?

That's right they don't look forward to anything because they are just existing.

Sure some of them might say they have "future plans" or they have this "trip coming up in the future", but how many of them really come true?

They just float along the bottom of the river bumping into things as they drift by in the stream of life.

What a sorry way to exist.

What a waste of a human.

What a waste of life.

But... There is something else you can do.

This is where I think your "Personal Power" comes into play.

What I think the person who wrote this was talking about was that each of us has been given personal power in life.

Now it's up to each of us if we choose to exercise our personal power or not but we all have it.

"Our Personal Power In Life Is Our Power To Make A Choice."

  • You and I "choose" our path in this life.
  • You and I "choose" who we allow into our lives and who we take out of our lives.
  • You and I "choose" to do good things or to do bad things.
  • You and I "choose" our boundaries in life and we "choose" when and how we enforce our boundaries.
  • You and I "choose" if we do new things and learn new things in life, or if we don't.
  • You and I "choose" to "LIVE" our lives, or we can "choose" to just exist.

Life is all about "Choices".

I'd be willing to say that most of you don't even realize how many choices you make in a day.

I'd also be willing to say that each and every one of you reading this right now has more "Power = Choices" then you realize in your own life right now.

So let's answer the question...

Why do you have no power in your life or keep giving you power away?

Because you "choose" to do so.

It's really that simple my friends.

STOP!! Choosing To Give Your Choices (Power) Away.

Starting right now, because yes, this is something you can start right now right this minute, the next choice you have to make think about it for a minute and make your own choice as to what you want to do.

That's really how simple this is my friends.

Once you start being more conscious of your choices and you start realizing they are your choices to make you will soon realize that you have way more power over your own life than you ever thought you had before.

  • You will realize how much time you have wasted.
  • How many excuses you've been making.
  • How much you have been letting yourself down.

Make yourself this one promise right here and now my friends and this will help to remind you of what you have learned here today.

"In life, so many things will let you down. But that isn't something you can control. But don't ever let yourself down. That is something you can totally control."

So the next time you think to yourself I don't have any "Power" in this situation or with this person, remind yourself that is a lie and realize you do have power because you can always make a choice to change yourself.

That is your Personal Power my friends.

Don't ever forget that.

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