Talk, Talk, Talk, That Seems To Be All We Do Now


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I've been thinking a lot about our country today and about the things that are happening in our country today.

And this one quote keeps coming back to me from good ole Ben Franklin...

"Well Done is better the Well Said."

Why do you think it keeps repeating itself in my head?

Is it because I'm crazy...  Maybe, but I think there is something my mind is trying to impress upon me. Maybe a message it wants me to share with you guys.

I think in the world we live in today we have a lot of people who are talking at us and just plain "talking" if you know what I mean. 

A few examples could be:

  • Politicians
  • Doctors
  • Mayors
  • Social Media
  • News
  • People at work
  • etc..

It seems as if the cool thing to do today is to talk and put your 2 cents in on everything. Whether it's needed or not. Just throw it out there it will be okay.

But is it really okay?

Why is it all just talk, talk, talk...

Is it because people want to feel important so they think if they comment then in some small way they are important?

Or, maybe it's because there really isn't any meaning to their words anymore so why not throw them out there and just let them clutter up the world.

Personally, I can't stand words or talking if it isn't backed up with action.

To me, if you don't plan to back up what you say with action then don't even say it at all. Just save your breath because why waste my time and yours if you are just talking to hear yourself talk.

There is an old stoic saying that says...

"If what you have to say won't improve the silence, don't say it."

(Oh, how I wish more people would read some of the classics from time to time.)

I don't know about you but I'm very sick and tired of hollow words and especially the people who give them.

If you are going to take the time to speak and say something to someone then please think about what you want to say and be willing to back it up with actions. 

Otherwise please just close your mouth and move on.  

No one has time for hollow words or just talking to talk anymore. 

Put "Action" behind what you say and mean what you say.

Do something instead of just sitting around talking about it.

Too many people today have got so used to just sitting around and talking about things, and that's part of the problem we are facing today. 

No one is willing to back up what they say and actually take some action. 

So it's up to you...

Are you going to choose to continue the problem and just keep talking and spew hollow words out into the world?

Or, are you going to start thinking about the things you say and be willing to back up the things you say with Action?

The choice is always yours my friends.

Let me know below which one you choose to do going forward.

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  1. Don’t start something and never finish it keeps rolling thur my mind. I will have to check where this is taking me. Enjoyed your pod and your reasoning of today words and no action Thanks