The Ugly Truth About Comfort


I was chatting with someone the other day and they were telling me how much they liked their comfort zone.

They were telling me how when they got done with work at night they just couldn't wait to get to their car or their home so they could be in the "Comfort Zone".

Why do you think people today are so obsessed with their "Comfort"?

Do you think as a society we have become too soft and that all we do is strive to have comfort in all areas of our lives?

How do you think the rest of the world looks at us? 

Do you think they see soft people who would crack and crumble at the first sign of adversity?

That thought right there isn't probably too far off from the truth as to how others in the world look at us today. 

But the honest truth is... are they that far off?

Why do you think comfort is what drives so many people today?

  • Is it because it's easy?
  • Is it because it's what they see everywhere they look?
  • Is it because of the way they were raised?
  • Is it because it's the way they have been taught to be?
  • Is it what we seem to promote in our culture and society today?

Honestly, there can be so many reasons and probably all of the ones I just mentioned above are partially if not completely true.

Let me ask a quick question...

What good things in your life have ever come out of your "Comfort Zone" or being comfortable for that matter?

The truthful answer if you think about people is probably... Nothing.

Because let me let you in on a little secret folks...

We as people were made to suffer and have adversity in our lives. 

We are supposed to work hard, suffer, and have trials and adversity in our lives to not only make us better people but also to help us be the very best we can be.

Now I know there are some people reading this right now who are thinking to themselves "are you high right now? What kind of drugs are you doing?" but for those people, you can quit reading this right now because this isn't for you.

(Quick little side note though for the people who want to quit reading right now... It doesn't really matter because you already have read the main message of this post and now it's in your subconscious mind so you're already screwed if you didn't want to get the point.)

So many people today don't want any adversity in their lives that they actually try to shelter themselves from it any way they can. 

Some people even refuse to live their lives or take any risks in life because it's not comfortable and they just don't want to be discomforted in any way.

It's sad really to think that as people our lives have become so good that we no longer seek to actually live our lives. 

And if we have any adversity in life our first concern is only how to rid ourselves of it as soon as possible.

Again, I ask you what good thing ever came from inside of your comfort zone?

Now please know when I say this folks I'm not meaning that your life has to be one of 24/7/365 suffering or trials. 

That is not what I am saying and having some peace in your life is very important.

All I'm saying is the next time you have a little suffering, or adversity in your life maybe take a second and see if it is such a bad thing.

Maybe the reason why you have the suffering and adversity is that you are growing and changing, and working on being a better person.

Or maybe your trying to achieve something in your life you never thought you could and that will require you to change and grow to achieve it.

The last thought I want to leave you with today is this...

Why not accept suffering and adversity as a positive in your life? 

Why not try to grow and become better? 

If at the end of the day you don't reach your goal or you don't want to be a better person well there is always the comfort zone you can go back to and it is always ready and willing to accept you back, so why not try?

Your mind is the most powerful muscle in your body for a reason. 

Use it to make yourself better and make it work for you, not against you.

Suffering and Adversity can actually be good things.

It's all in how you look at it folks.

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