Is There Any Value To "Constructive Criticism" ?

I heard a very interesting quote the other day and I wanted to share it with you guys.

The quote goes like this...

"Don't ever accept "Constructive Criticism" from someone who has never constructed what you are building."

I heard this quote recently and it got me thinking about "Constructive Criticism".

I'm not sure about you but I've always been told you should accept constructive criticism from anyone who wants to give it, and that it will only make you a better person and if you listen and ponder it that it will only help you and make you a better person.

So all throughout my life, I was taught to take any and all constructive criticism that has been given to me from anyone and internalized it to see how I can be a better person because of what they said.

But, I've learned over time that not everyone who says they are giving you constructive criticism is actually doing that. 

Some are using "constructive criticism" as a way to make you listen to what they are saying to you and honestly, some of the things that have been said were downright mean and just being said to put me down.

But, since it was put under the guise of "constructive criticism" I listened and tried to figure out what was wrong with me or why I acted or did things a certain way, and maybe I needed to change something about myself or the way I did things.

But, with this one quote, I have now seen the error in my ways.

Going forward I will now analyze the "constructive criticism" I receive and see if it is coming from a valid source. 

Some questions I'll be asking myself to validate their criticism going forward will be.

  • Have they ever been where I'm trying to go?
  • Have they ever done what I am trying to do?
  • Do they truly have my best interest at heart?
  • What has this person achieved in their life?
  • Is this person just a talker? Or are they a doer?
  • Is this person trying to hold me back? Or are they trying to push me higher?

These are just a few of the questions I will ask myself to see if I will ponder the criticism I was given or if I will just simply discard it and not give it a second thought. 

With all of this being said this one quote has really made me stop and ponder on how might my life have been different had I heard this quote earlier in life and applied it to my life sooner. 

I  hope through reading this that you can apply this to your life now and hopefully save yourself many years of unneeded or unuseful "constructive criticism".

Let me know your thoughts on this quote below.

Will this quote be useful to you?

Or, is this something you've known for a long time and it was just common sense to you?

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