Is A.I. Good Or Evil?


I was talking to someone the other day and the conversation turned to A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

The person I was talking to was going on and on about all the evils of A.I. and how we should do away with it.

But, is A.I. all bad?

To be fair, I have often thought about A.I. and how it could be used for bad things. Heck, I even went as far as making a video about it for my YouTube channel a while ago.

But that doesn't mean that A.I. is all bad.

So what I wanted to talk with you guys about today is some of the positive ways I think A.I. could be used to make our world a better place.

Consider using A.I. to solve medical problems... 

When I say this what I mean is not doctor/patient visits or treatments,  but more the problems we have with finding cures for diseases,  or compounds to make drugs that can be used to help people.

Often times we don't have the manpower to do the research needed to find cures to diseases so why not harness the power of the computer mind and neural networks to help us?

We also lack the manpower and sometimes can't define or see common bonds between chemicals that might work well together or could possibly go together to make drugs better and more effective. So, again why not use A.I. and neural networks to work on these solutions for us?

Consider using A.I. for Navigation and Traffic problems...

Already GPS does a really good job of helping us find where we want to go and how to get there, but what if via A.I. you could find alternate routes? or what about if a road is being worked on and A.I. could work with GPS to let it know that and find you an alternate route to get around the construction and still save you time on your trip? 

Or, what if along your trip path you could be told about historical landmarks or interesting places you could stop? 

Or, what if A.I. and GPS could work together and see not only where traffic is congested along your path but they could also predict where and when it would become congested and you could be routed around that area altogether so you never needed to be caught in traffic.

Consider using A.I. to help with or ever solve complex math or engineering problems...

What if some of the most complex mathematical problems that have never been solved by a human could be solved by A.I. or neural networks?

What could cryptography look like today if we allowed A.I. and neural networks to work on making secure codes and cracking current codes that seem to be uncrackable?

What if some of the engineering problems or architecture problems we have today could be solved by A.I.?  

What would it mean to the world if we could build safer buildings or buildings that could withstand more aftershocks from an earthquake or even hurricane winds and rain?

How would that change the world we live in today.

Consider using A.I. for securing computer networks...

What if instead of having to use antivirus, or IDS and IPS, or even firewalls we could use A.I. and neural networks to monitor our networks?

I'm not just talking about our internal networks but also the internet as a whole.

What would it be like to know that we had something that could be as intelligent as our top networking people watching our networks 24/7/365 for any type of suspicious data or activity?

Alerting us to potential threats or hackers. Helping us ensure the safety of data that we need to protect. 

That would be priceless in our world today.

So, there are few places I've thought about that A.I. could be used for good. 

What are some of the places you think A.I. could be used for good?

Let me know in the comments below.

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