The Social Media Experiment RESULTS...



Here are the Social Media experiment results.

I know you've been just waiting on the end of your seat for the results so I won't keep you waiting any longer.  

For those of you who didn't read my last post let me quickly catch you up on the experiment.

My word for this year is "Engagement" so I've been working on ways to engage with more people in my community on Social Media. 

The experiment I was conducting was to in the month of September each week to only focus on one social media platform and see which one gave me the most original and authentic engagement.

The platforms I chose for the experiment were... Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat.

Now for the results...

The first week I chose SnapChat as the platform. I've always had pretty good luck with SnapChat as a platform when it comes to engagement and people interacting with me and it didn't let me down in this experiment. 

People on Snap have always been interactive whether it has been sharing their stories and lives or helping others with various causes. I've always found this platform to be good for engagement. 

During my test, I did talk to many new followers on Snap and did have many great conversations. I during the week that I conducted my test my new conversations went up by about 25%. Not too bad.

The second week I focused on Twitter.

While I've had pretty good engagement in the past I also recently within the last couple of months had to start an all-new account (we won't go into that whole story here in this post, but if you want to see what that was all about I'm sure I'll post about it soon. So stay tuned.) so I've been building back up my followers slowly.

During that week I did talk to some new followers and had some good original conversations with them. My conversations went up by about 15% that week. Not too bad seeing as how I am rebuilding my account.

The third week I focused on Instagram.

I haven't had very much luck on Instagram, to be honest with you. I got to a certain number of followers on the site and it seems as if I'm stuck at that number. Some weeks I lose some followers and other weeks I gain some followers but it always hovers around the same number range. Odd, but okay maybe that's just the way it is for now. Besides that weird fact, that is one of the main reasons I decided to not use followers as indicators for this experiment.

During that week I did have some good conversations but I noticed that my engagement only went up by 5%.

The fourth week I focused on Facebook, being completely honest with you I don't use Facebook all that much. I might get on there once every couple of months to check on family or old school friends to see what they are up to but other than that I'm not very active on Facebook. 

Also, to be completely honest with you I'm not sure about Facebook most of the time with some of their practices especially when it comes to cybersecurity and privacy so while I have a presence on Facebook I don't use it much at all. 

For this week though I did concentrate on it and I did have some good conversations and some conversations with people, I hadn't talked to in a while so that was good and interesting. 

With that being said I noticed my engagement only went up by about 2%.

So, there are the results of my test. 

There are some things you might be able to draw from my results such as...

  • Maybe the more use a platform the better your engagement could be.
  • Maybe when you are building or rebuilding your account on a platform your engagement may suffer.
  • Maybe it was an off week and there weren't a lot of people online to engage with.
  • Maybe it's just me and people don't want to engage with me personally.

Maybe, Maybe, a lot of things it could be.

Honestly, I just wanted to run the experiment to see what kind of engagement I could get on each of the major platforms and how many new and original conversations I could have on those platforms. 

You might have different results on the same platforms I tested or maybe you just like a certain platform for social media so your luck would be better, I'm not sure what works best, to be honest with you, all I can say after my experiment is keep trying. 

Let me know what platforms you like and which ones seem to work best for you for engagement with others. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or you can always reach out and share your comments with me on Social Media. 

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