Ideas: How to Combat Hunger in the U.S.

Today's Topic is "How to Combat Hunger in the U.S."

  1. Donate left over food from parties and conventions to your local food bank.
  2. Drink one less Starbucks a week and donate that money monthly to a food bank.
  3. Put in $5 less of gas at each fill up and donate that money at the end of the month to a local food bank.
  4. Eat out one less time a week and donate that money to a food bank.
  5. Add some canned items to each grocery shopping trip and donate those items at the end of each month to a food bank.
  6. Volunteer your time at a local food bank.
  7. Volunteer your time at a local organization who provides free meals to others.
  8. Sponsor a food truck to provide meals for a day to an inner city area who needs help.
  9. Sponsor a local organization who serves Free meals for a day.  By doing so you ensure that those meals can continue for another day, and that they will be able to feed more people.
  10. Host a dinner party are your place for a few friends or couples.  Ask them to bring what they would of ate for dinner that night, then donate that food to a food bank.
  11. (Bonus Idea): If you don't have a food bank or an organization that feeds the hungry in your area, why don't you start one?
Everyone deserves to have food in their stomach... So what are "You" going to do to make that happen?

If you have any ideas or thoughts on any of the ideas listed here, please leave a comment.