5 Ways To SUCK As A Leader (And still come out ahead in the end.)

You’ve heard the self-help “Leader” droning on about all of the qualities you need to be a good Leader. They keep going on and on as if they were trying to drive these qualities into your head, into your heart, and into your soul.

Like that is going to help you.
You can’t stand when someone just keeps talking “at” you. What makes this guru such an expert in Leadership?

Do they have a degree in Leadership? Yeah, that’s so important today. Who in their right mind wants to go to college.

Do they have some certification in Leadership? Yeah, so can anyone else for $9.95 plus shipping and handling from the University of Southern Cuba.

Do they have life experience that makes them a Leader? Yeah, sure this person was 18 years old. What kind of experience do they have?

So let me tell you what I think about some of the qualities they mentioned you need to have to be a “Great Leader”.

They mentioned “Integrity”. What is that? And what does that big word really mean anyway? You hear old people use the word all the time but what does it really mean?

Integrity — The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

What a crock that word is, what has having integrity ever got you? or anyone for that matter?

Why would you want to be honest when you can lie and get anything you want in life? Just take a look around who tells the truth anymore today.

The news? Please…

Our politicians? Please…

Our teachers? Most of them are just trying to make it through the school year just like the students they teach.

Our Parents? I mean really… What do they know? We all know they don’t know anything.

I don’t even know what “Strong Moral Principles” are, so how the heck am I supposed to have that?

Integrity sounds like a big waste of time. Who has time for that when lying is so easy and you can get anything you want in life by lying.

They mentioned “Service.”

Who has time to serve anyone else today? Where did this person get there material? Must of been back in the 1920’s or something because the only service going around here today is the government and the people serving me.

You’re owed everything today… right?

Why serve others when others should be spending their time serving you? I mean You’re entitled, You should be served, you never had to do anything for yourself and why should you start now?

I mean if you try something and you don’t like it you can always go back to your mom and dad right? They love serving you.

If things don’t work out for you isn’t that why the government is there? I mean they should take care of you right.

Service is just a bunch of B.S. period, end of story.

Don’t ever serve anyone unless there is something in it for you, otherwise it’s a complete waste of your time.

They mentioned a “Positive Attitude” you’ve got to be kidding me.

Who needs a positive attitude?

We all know that your our place to B*&^%^ and moan about everything today. Nothing is ever right and as long as human beings are doing things we always know it’s going to be messed up.

If something is messed up then you need to make sure to degrade someone and put them in their place to make sure that dumb mistake never happens again.

Positive attitude… Who has time for all of that wishy washy talk?

No one in their right mind knows that anything ever happens that is truly good. Sure it might feel good for a second or two, but it never lasts. You need to have more instant gratification and less of a positive attitude.

Save that positive attitude stuff for those self-help gurus. They all seem to preach that trash as a way to silence the masses.

They also mentioned “Listening.” Who has time to listen to other people who you know for a fact are not as important as you are.

Why would you listen to “Someone who’s been there”? Sounds like they should have did something better with their time, and their life.

Why would you listen when it’s so much more powerful to talk and to make demands. After all if you don’t talk and tell everyone what to do and how to do it how are they ever going to get it right for you?

If you’re here to serve me then serve me. I’ll tell you what to do and you do it. Pretty simple really if you think about it.

That’s how everyone should be, less listening and more demanding and micromanaging. Isn’t that the way it is now?

Last but not least they talked about you should “Take More Action”, this has to be the lamest one of them all.

Why take any action when things have always been given to you and brought to you? It makes absolutely no sense to take any action for anything in life.

People who take action are dumb, and weak people.

The truly strong people in life are the one who sit on their butt all day and have people wait on them hand and foot to make sure their needs are taken care of, and that have anything and everything they want or need brought to them as quickly as possible.

Honestly I can see why you are so upset from all of this trash you heard this so called self-help leadership expert talking about today.

That old fart is so out of touch with his audience he should hang it up and retire.

He’s so old and pathetic and doesn’t have any clue how the real world works today.

If he doesn’t get with the times he’s going to be out of a job and you know what, rightfully so. After all being just like you is what leadership and living is all about today.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Now that I’ve shown you how not to be and what not to do, I hope you’ll be able to do just the opposite of everything you just read here and become a better leader.

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