Why We Love Domination (And Leave The Dominating To The Weaker Ones)

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My friend Des Herbert and I have been having this ongoing conversation for months now:

“You need to get up each and every day and Dominate the things in your life that you want to change or make better.”

But yesterday our conversation on dominating things came to a pinnacle. I realized something I hadn’t realized before.

Anyone can “Dominate” something in their life.

Anyone can “Dominate” one certain aspect of their life or one certain area of their life.

Anyone can do that….

But are we just anyone?

That’s when the conversation took a whole new direction.

I told Des that I didn’t want to just get up each day and dominate one thing or one area in my life anymore. Anyone can do that.

Why do I have to attack things one at a time? Who made that rule? Who made that the way it has to be done?

I want to start an all-out “Domination” in my own life and anything that interests me in my life. That means everything.

Is this war on yourself the best idea for everyone? Probably not.

Should others attempt to do this same thing? Probably not.

Would I recommend this to others to do? Only a select few would I recommend to try this. This isn’t for the weak or the undisciplined.

There will be many times that quitting will look like the best answer.

But that’s always the answer for the weak, isn’t it?

There will be plenty of times that giving up will be the easiest road.

But anyone can quit. Is that why we’re here? to be like everyone else?

In the end, this is what it comes down to:

Dominating = Can be done by anyone with a singular focus in one area of their life. This is an easier path to go down.

Domination = Of one's life can only be done by a select few. This means total domination of yourself and of everything within your circle of personal control. This is by far a more difficult road to go down.

So tomorrow when you wake up and your laying in your warm, peaceful, soft bed think to yourself…

Am I going to dominate something today? or Am I going to declare all-out Domination today?

The choice is yours, my friend.

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