To“Try” or to“Do”

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I saw this quote the other day from Gail Devers:

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.” — Gail Devers

And it got me thinking…

Is Trying enough?

Is Trying all we have to do to accomplish things in life?

Is Trying what really makes the difference between accomplishing something and not accomplishing something?

I’m not sure if I buy that quote, thought, or mindset.

I think we need to make a slight change to that quote and I think it might make all the difference for you and I and everyone else who might read that quote.

What if I changed that quote to read:

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to “Do”. — Me

I know it’s a very subtle change, but I think the impact of that slight change can be huge in my life and in yours.

So what does it mean to “Try” something?

Try in the dictionary is defined as: to make an attempt or effort.

That to me just doesn’t sound like it’s enough to accomplish the things you want in life.

But what does “Do” in the dictionary mean: To perform an action, to achieve, to complete.

Now that sounds like we are getting something done.

Isn’t that interesting how just a simple word change can have such a profound impact on a quote, a direction, and a mindset in our life.

So what do you think the impact changing that one word in the quote could have on your life?

What if instead of telling someone “well I’ll try to do that for you”, you said “I’ll do that for you”?

What if instead of saying “I’ll try to get that done today”, you said “I will do that today”?

What if instead of saying “I’ll try to do better in life, my relationships, my family, my work”, you said “I will Do better in my life, my relationships, my family, and my work”?

Do you see what kind of impact changing that one simple word in that quote could have on your life?

Don’t be a victim or feel powerless in life.

Stand up, Show up, and take your power back.

Stop “Trying” to do things, and actually commit to doing things by making this statement:

I’m going to “Do” blank (fill in for “blank”) today!! Period, and I’m not stopping till it’s done.

Please do me a favor, if this post provided you some value or insight to make your life a little better, or if it even just made you stop and look at things a little different today, please leave me a comment.

Tell me what are you are going to stop “Trying” to do today, and what are “You” going to “Do” today.

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