Matthew McConaughey Speaks The Truth About The Middle Of The Road


I saw an interview with Matthew McConaughey (IMdb or Facebook) the other day and he had a theory that I thought was pretty interesting, especially for our current times and that is what I want to talk to you guys about today.

The theory that he shared was... 

Where are all the people who are in the middle of the road?

I know usually no one wants to be in the middle of the road or on the fence about something.

I've always been told while I was growing up to get off the fence.

Pick a side.

If you play in the middle of the road you're going to get run over.

And the sayings just go on and on...

None of them very nice about being in the middle of the road.

So, that why when I heard Matthew make that statement it probably stuck out to me.

Why would he be asking that question when I'm sure I'm not the only person who has been told those saying above all of their lives.

He went on to further say this...

With our country as it is currently there are so many people who are either right or so far left that they aren't even on the road anymore.

He continued to say...

That he would beg to say that most people aren't even on the road anymore when it comes to almost any issues or concerns in our country today.

I can see that. I know where he is coming from with that statement.

If I can see it, then I know you have to have seen it or at the very least be aware of it as well.

At this point, though I will be honest with you I still wasn't sure where Matthew was headed with his statement.

Then he dropped the bomb...

He said...

We have to be willing to come to the middle of the road and have some very hard conversations if we are ever going to fix anything in our country and make some positive steps forward.


A truth bomb was dropped!!

To be honest at this point in the interview I just paused the video and sat there for a minute to take in what I had just heard him say.

What a great analogy to use and what a good way to turn a thought I'd always been taught was a bad thing into something that could actually be used to help change something.

He went on to say... (once I started the video back up again.)

We have to be willing to meet in the middle of the road. Hear things from both sides and have intelligent conversations about the hard issues. Only when we meet in the middle and have that conversation can we actually start to change.

I think this is where the big difference is between what Matthew is saying to us and what I was always told growing up.

What Matthew is telling us is that we need to meet in the middle to hear both sides in an intelligent way and to have intelligent conversations to be able to enact change. Thus having a conversation in a neutral space and then taking action from the conversation to make changes that will benefit both sides.

Whereas what I was being told growing up was that often when people sit in the middle they don't take any action. They want to sit in the middle because it is safe and they don't have to commit to anything or anyone. Thus they stay in the middle to be safe and protect themselves. That way they always have a way out if they make a wrong choice or decision. Which in the end doesn't really do anyone any good. Especially the person who is in the middle of the road.

So I appreciate Matthew taking the time and giving it the thought it took for him to turn that old mindset on its head and give it a new meaning for me. 

Maybe it's not so bad to be in the middle of the road sometimes as long as you're doing it for the right reasons and you're willing to take action because of the time you've spent there.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this concept that Matthew has laid out for us.

Also, what are some of the hard conversations you think we need to have right now to make this country and this world a better place for all of us? 

Not just one side or the other... All of us.

If your response isn't something that would make both sides better or have benefits for both sides then save it because I won't respond to any one-sided BS you might leave below.

You've been warned upfront so please take heed.

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