Do You Know What An Iconoclast Is?


The other day I was reading one of the books I selected for my 52-week reading challenge (Renegade Thoughts by Matthew Goldfarb) this year when I came across a word I had never heard of before.

The word was ICONOCLAST.

You might know what that word means but, to be completely honest I had no clue what it meant.

So I did what any normal person would do today I googled it to find out what it meant.

ICONOCLAST - A person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions.

So, it got me thinking...

I also threw this out on my social media to get your thoughts on it as well so in case you aren't reading this post or even if you are and would prefer to reply to me there that's cool too.

The question I wanted to pose to you guys today is this.

Do you feel we need more or less of these types of people in the world today? and why do you think that?

Let me know your thoughts.

* Also as a fun side note for all of you, trivia fans here are some famous people who could be considered being an iconoclast.

Jimmy Wales - (Internet Entrepreneur and Financial Trader)

John Milton - (Poet)

Charles Darwin - (Naturalist, Geologist, Biologist)

Galileo - (Astronomer, Physicist, Engineer)

Walt Disney - (Entrepreneur, Animator, Writer, Voice Actor and Film Producer)

Martin Luther King Jr. - (Pastor and Activist)

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